International Symposium on Consumer Personality in Contemporary Contexts

Following the success of previous events, the Academy of Marketing and the Consumer Psychology and Cross-Cultural Research SIG is holding an International Symposium on 13th-14th September 2019, at the Research Dissemination Centre (KEDEA) of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece.

The SIG represents a forum where academics, PhD students and practitioners can exchange ideas and research findings. Via varied research activities, which include international workshops, research symposia, PhD colloquia, and journal special issues, the SIG provides an opportunity for researchers that work in the areas of Consumer Psychology and Cross-Cultural Consumer Research, to share, interact and advance research.

The International Symposium aims to foster a network amongst academics, PhD researchers and practitioners in the area of consumer research. The theme of the symposium is Consumer Personality in contemporary contexts, and it is linked to a Special Issue of the Journal of Consumer Behaviour (with submission deadline of 15th February 2020). Participants will also have an opportunity to attend a “Meet the Editors” session, where editors/associate editors of highly-ranked journals (i.e. International Marketing Review, Journal of Consumer Behaviour etc.), will discuss submissions and offer advice.

We invite theoretical and empirical work on [but not limited to] the following topics:

  • The role of self-identity, identity-expressiveness and self-concept in consumer behaviour and consumption
  • Variety, novelty and sensation seeking in varied consumer behaviour contexts
  • Need for cognition/emotion in consumption
  • The role of need for uniqueness, cognition and effect in consumer choice and purchases of brands
  • Consumer innovativeness and opinion leadership
  • The impact of personality, self-identity and self-concept on consumer behaviour in the context of experiential marketing
  • New technological environments (e.g. social media, mobile apps) and the interaction with personality
  • The role of self-construal on consumer interaction with brands
  • Advances in understanding personality traits in relation to health and wellbeing
  • Personality trait influences and self-concept considerations in the decision to buy domestic versus foreign products
Submission of Abstracts
Final deadline extension
By 28th of August, 2019
Evaluation of abstracts and communication with authors
By 1st of September, 2019
Registration and Payment deadline By 7th of September, 2019
ISCP 2019 13th-14th September 2019